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About us

We play an active role in shaping up the global economy by funding a range of investment projects including hotels, shopping centres, agriculture, mining etc across the world. We conduct an extensive due diligence to ensure that such projects provide an attractive return for the investment made. We also provide consultancy to these budding companies to guide them on the right way of doing business, sometimes handholding them all the way. From hotels, shopping centres, residential houses, office buildings to infrastructure projects like airports, roads, harbours, railways, we have provided our financial and consultancy service to help businesses operate efficiently and generate revenue.

Through our Development Consulting and Business Management services, we help businesses across the world for Knowledge Management, Strategic Planning, Business Process Management and Management Budget. Our services are aimed at helping organizations achieve high performance and be a World Class Company. Our activities are directed to the development of solutions in business management using support tools in the planning, implementation and verification of these actions oriented solutions.

Braunstein Capital takes pride in its experienced team of consultants who ensure that our client’s money stays in safe hands in the long run. Our team works relentlessly to provide long-term capital appreciation through investment in a variety of sectors at both national and international level.

Delivering value is at the core of the company and each employee of Braunstein Capital works relentlessly to keep up with the faith put on us by our stakeholders.