Agriculture development / Projects

EKRY3F Alberta, Canada; Row Of Combines Cutting A Ripe Wheat Field

Braunstein Capital’s vast service portfolio includes Agricultural Development and Agricultural Project Development services. In this respect, we provide agricultural and environmental consultancy, rural development services and policy advice.

The Agricultural services team is made up of members who have done extensive research in this arena to ensure that our clients get the best services possible. They possess a unique combination of practical experience and insight which is backed by extensive research to ensure that the service is customized as per the geography we are working in.

Our Agricultural services include technical support, agricultural advisory, animal husbandry advisory, crop management advisory, energy-related advisory, soil related advisory, sustainability services and water related advisory.

Agriculture is a complex combination of ecology, environment, geography, geology, geomorphology, climatology and much more. Each of our solutions therefore takes into account all aspects that can affect agriculture in a particular geography.