Freight air and Sea.


Braunstein Capital has an extensive freight air and sea services which provide consultancy on all freight related requirement. We understand how crucial freight is for building operational performance of an organization. Our freight services are built with an intention to solve urgent business challenges through next generation innovations.

Powered by freight advisors equipped with industry experience and latest technological knowledge, our Freight Services are intended to bring a business into the global logistics map. We help you create value through innovative improvement methods designed to deliver immediate and sustainable results.

Our team constantly monitors results to ensure superior performance delivery throughout. The data from results are used to re-align process and invent newer technology custom made for a specific business only. The solutions also help our clients to manage peak and trough of a business so that business results are not affected by business volatility.

We understand that each geography comes with its known advantages and challenges. Our services are customized to meet the demand of particular area so that the challenges can be overcome easily and the advantages can be used for the best benefit of the business.